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Super Mario Road Show

Reason To: designed and implemented NORTEC’s unique Nintendo Road Show for the 25 years of SUPER MARIO.
From the 2nd till the 27th December 2010, a tailored- Mario Show Truck traveled from Athens to Thessaloniki. Road Show stations:  Golden Hall, The Mall Athens,Glyfada, Chalandri, Kifissia, Public Piraeus, Syntagma, Carrefour Macedonia, Media Markt Pilea and Mediterranean Cosmos.
The promotional truck was transformed into a play room with Wii consoles.  People of all ages were welcomed to visit the promotional truck and exercise or test their skills in Wii New Super Mario Bros, Wii Mario Kart, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Super Mario All Stars Games. The track was visited by approximately 22.000 people. Super Mario was also present at his own birthday party. He gave super gifts and he had many photos with his funs!

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